Established in Saint Petersburg, Russia in November 2013
Form: World Music
Direction: Sacral Music


Album  – Secretly about love(released 05.11.2016)

Album  – Aroma of the East (released 11.04.2017)

Album  – Soul travelling (released 22.06.2017)

Album  – Offering to the Benevolent (released 15.08.2018)

Album  – Sonets, russian version (released 21.12.2018)

Album  – Dreams traveling, russian version (released 22.12.2018)

Album  – Guru (released 29.12.2018)


‘This music speaks better than any words. It is like silence when all freeze in anticipation of a miracle. And, once engulfed by the music, you dive into its soft and delicate flow, realizing that SOMETHING is happening …’

‘…Infinite, inspiring beauty. It refers both to the show as a whole and to each and every performer.’

‘…Extremely profound sound, touching the deepest chords of a human soul. It is like diving inside yourself and discovering the things that are not there in mundane life and all the fuss of which our everyday life is so full.’

‘…Unforgettable experience, new vision and interpretation of mantras.’


The Group’s musical style is defined by three main features of its musical programmes: Shabd,Sanskrit and mantras.

  • Shabd is a special sound vibration that is a source of knowledge. The Shabd sound is the only unbiased, sincere and loving teacher, able to give serenity to our mind, harmony to our body and — what is most important — ignite Love in our hearts.
  • Sanskrit is the most revered and clear language. Globally, philologists have recognized Sanskrit as the language of the world, i.e. the language from which all other languages have evolved. Sanskrit is considered to be given to humans for communicating with the Supreme reality.
  • Mantras are prayers in musical form. Most of the mantras that survived till our days are in Sanskrit. Literally ‘mantra’ means something that clears mind and brings harmony.

Mantras interpreted into the language of rhythm and sound and performed by the Group are — on one hand — traditional as the Group members practice South Indian classical vocal, rhythmical patter Nattuvangam and use traditional music instruments; on the other hand this music sounds pleasant to European audience — as a result of European classical musical education.

The music that the Group performs is immersion into the depths of the Shabd sound that originates from ancient Holy Scriptures.

‘Our music is building special personal relations with each mantra. It is the beauty that seeks to be heard and the love that has to be felt within own heart’.

  • 1993-1994 — the beginning of the group’s history.

Then, when no one in Saint Petersburg knew anything about mantras or Shabd, Milana Severskaya (Mandira) started classes of classic mantras chanting at the inter-religious culture and education centre in the downtown Saint Petersburg. At the same time she organized and conducted traditional Bhadjan musical programmes that soon have become famous all over Russia.

  • Since 1997 the school provides regular classes in South Indian classical Carnatic vocal, rhythm and patter (Nattuvangam). These classes and delving into the Sufi traditions have laid foundation for the group’s own musical style and inimitable sound.
  • In 2008 the first series of concerts of the Holy Scriptures Chanting cycle have been performed along the first meditative music programmes.
  • Since 2013 the Mandir group has been organizing regular music programmes. Over this period more than 30 programmes have been performed.

Performing mantras and holy texts the Mandir group introduces its audience to the ancient musical traditions and special sound vibrations — Shabd.

 The Group does not spread any religious ideas and its purpose is purely cultural.


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